Welcome to The Helpdesk of New Orleans

Welcome to The Helpdesk of New Orleans

Who We Are

The Helpdesk of New Orleans is a company that is dedicated to providing premier computer support for your business. We have the solutions for today’s computer problems and the vision to prepare you for tomorrow. We are dedicated to a high level of availability and excellent service. Our services include computer and network support, server administration, and consulting on general computer issues. We are locally owned and operated and we are committed to rebuilding New Orleans.

Why Choose The Helpdesk of New Orleans?

Cost – Full time computer personnel can cost thousands of dollars per month and require additional company resources. The Helpdesk of New Orleans can provide the IT solutions you need at a fraction of that cost with no strain on company resources.

Experience – With 24 years of combined experience supporting businesses professionally, you know that the Helpdesk of New Orleans has the skillset that your business requires.

Vision – A good technical resource is not just for when you have a problem. The Helpdesk can provide vision and direction for your company such as operation techniques to ensure efficiency, insight to help you avoid pitfalls, and consultations to ensure that you receive the best value on your IT investment. Do not allow computer questions to consume your time and resources.

Availability – Most businesses today ultimately rely on computers. When computers are down, business is down and the money flow is only one way – out. When you choose The Helpdesk, you are ranked high in priority and experience a short response time.

Local – We are locally-owned and operated by New Orleans natives.